Monday, April 02, 2007

Cool AJAX Utilities

Prototype Window - Demo

This javascript class allows you to add window in a HTML page.

AJAX Star Rating Bar - Demo

This is a rating bar script that allows users to rate things with no page refresh.

An AJAX contact form - Demo

A drop-in AJAX contact form that can be used in WP. PHP () Mail ready.

Heatmap for your website - Download

ClickHeat is a visual heatmap of clicks on a HTML page, showing hot and cold click zones.

GreyBox: An easy javascript popup box

GreyBox can be used to display websites, images and other content in a beautiful way.

Digg - like spy script - Demo

Examples and code on how to create a digg spy page.

Bubble Tooltips - Demo

Easy way to add fancy tooltips with a balloon shape to any web page.

Reflection.js 1.6 - Demo

To add a reflection just add a class="reflect" to the image.

Edit-in-Place with Ajax - Demo

A nice little AJAX function that allows users to edit text on a page without any forms.

Ajax Tabs Content script - Demo

Fetch and display an external page inside a container when a tab is clicked on.

Dragable RSS boxes script - Demo

Tutorial and downloadable files to create draggable boxes like on online desktops.

AJAX poller script - Demo

A poller script that uses Ajax to send vote to the server & receives results from the server.

Dragable content script - Demo

In this script you can drag nodes to a set of boxes.

Lightbox/Modal window effect using CSS

The Lightbox Effect without Lightbox. Lightbox alternative and login method.

AJAX Fisheye List Widget - Demo

Dojo Tool Kit has come up with a new web based non-flash menu which is easy to use.

Google X script - Demo

Cool trick with javascript - google page with crazy rollovers.

Create Pie and Donut Charts - Demo

PHP/Flash. Using it you can easily create animated pies or donuts for your web site.

Ajax subscription box - Mailist 0.9

An email address can be submitted without having to reload the whole page.

Googlemap with geocode support - Demo

SOLMETRA Maps is a PHP class meant to simplify display of Google Maps on your site.

Tabbed content browser - Demo

Tutorial: Building AJAX tabbed content with Prototype.

Browser-based instant messaging client

Ajax powered IM system that sits right on your web site.

Ajax domain search script - Demo

Simple and very easy to understand - Wrote in PHP + AJAX.

Amberjack site tours - Demo

A lightweight Open Source library that allows you to create cool site tours.

Gmail style, AJAX check username signup

Signup check username suggest new (php, AJAX, Javascript).

Easy Ajax with ASK

ASK - Add dynamic content to a page unobtrusively.

Slideshow Alternative - Demo

An excellent javascript slideshow with cross fade transition effects and linkable slides.

Roll-your-own AJAX Slideshow

Just import their script in your web page to add a cool popup slideshow.

Carousel Component - Demo

Photo library / slideshow code. Animated or non, static or fresh-fresh ajax.

ActiveCollab - open source project planner

An easy to use, web based, open source collaboration and project management tool.

Unobtrusive table sort script - Demo

Add sortable tables to your web page with this (unobtrusive) Javascript routine.

Really Easy Field validation with Prototype

Here's a form validation script that is very easy to use.

ModalBox 1.5 - User friendly web-based

popups & wizards. Prototype JS framework & toolkit.

Magnetic AJAX - Demo

This is just like the magnetic word kits you've seen before except this is on the internet.

Transparent message - Demo

Very nice looking implementation of alert and message overlay using ROR and JS.

ThickBox 2.1.1 - a webpage UI dialog widget

Similar to lightbox, but more versatile. Can be used with inline content, iframes & images.

Suckerfish HoverLightbox

Roll over a title, it shows a grid of thumbnails. Rolling over a thumbnail shows a slightly...

Relay - AJAX directory manager - Demo

Nice and small AJAX based online file and directory manager tool.

Smoot - Web-based diagram and GIS tool

Smoot is a downloadable tool for creating diagrams of icons and links between them.

jQuery Portlets - Demo

Boxes of content that can be expanded / coallapsed and dragged to a new position.

Highslide JS thumbnail viewer

Animated, shadowed popups from thumbnails w/ CSS-styled captions.


Timeline is a DHTML-based AJAXy widget for visualizing time-based events.

GoogieSpell - Demo

Gmail like downloadable spell checker for your own web application.

An Ajax file uploads progress bar

AJAX powered progressbar to monitor file uploads with (Cake)PHP.

TurboDbAdmin - Demo

A single-page solution for exploring and editing databases from a browser.

jTip – A jQuery Tool Tip - Demo

A JavaScript library that provides pop-up help messages. Uses the jQuery library.

Phoogle Maps v2.01

With about 5 lines of code you can display a customized Google Map on your website.

JonDesign's SmoothGallery - Demo

A slide show javascript making use of javascript libraries - prototype and moo.fx

Plotr - Javascript graphics

With Prototype you can plot data on a graph on your web site. Pretty sweet.

Sortable, resizable, editable tables

TableKit is a collection of HTML table enhan- cements using the Prototype

Cross-fading Slideshow
- Demo

This is a simple slideshow with a cross-fade effect.

FrogJS Javascript Gallery

FrogJS is a simple, unobtrusive javascript gallery script with smooth transitions.

Advanced RSS Ticker

RSS ticker script to display any RSS content on your site in a ticker fashion.


Upload files via flash to get the flash-upload dialog goodness.

NoFunc - Sexy Box

This will create a basic lightbox interface using AJAX Requests and HTML masking.

DHTML Color Picker

Very light weight color picker, 24.5k vs. it?s nearest competitors 72.3k.


A solution for more friendly JavaScript debugging. The page is in Japanese.

PlotKit -
Javascript Chart Plotting

PlotKit is a Chart and Graph Plotting Library for Javascript.

35mm Photo Viewer

Web-based DHTML image/photo display application.

Swazz Javascript Calendar

Lightweight widget which shows a calendar for use in picking dates on form fields.

Prototype Carousel Class

Carousel image slideshow viewing using Prototype and scriptaculous.


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